About Us

Ease of starting and maintaining a business ("Doing Business") is one of the strength indicators of a country's economy, defined by the World Bank. "Doing Business" consists of five main components:

  1. Company Establishment,
  2. Provision of the Working Space,
  3. Access to Finance,
  4. Administration of Daily Operations,
  5. Operating in a Safe Business Environment.

WorqCompany provides services to businesses and entrepreneurs with the help of technology and sharing economy in these components. WorqCompany is positioned as a new generation, 360 degree service provider of SMEs in a transforming and digitizing economy. Our services are designed to let you use your working capital properly. Initially, only a virtual office, basic accounting and digital tools required for effective business administration were made available to you. As your business develops, you can start using our collaborative services and benefit from our consultancy, Support and Access to Finance Services in line with your developing operational needs.

WorqCompany is a service platform built on the sharing economy model that enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to lower operating costs and reduce their operational burdens. Thanks to the company establishment, office management, financial management, business management, marketing management and training and coaching services provided to its members, it enables businesses to access all the services they need from a single, professional and economic source.

WorqCompany member companies have the opportunity to access all services either from the offices of WorqCompany or remotely. Thanks to the WorqApp and WorqFinance applications, members can manage all their services, make service purchases, and follow up and manage their current financial health and can access to finance.