Accountant Management

Vergi Danışmanlığı

Tax Consultancy

You will be able to digitally access on our platform any necessary information and data on your tax duties, risks and available tax advantages, and get support from tax specialists.

Finansal Raporlama

Payrolls and Reporting

We prepare your monthly Social Security (SGK) statements, perform all processes concerning your personnel and provide you with any support you may need in this field.


Expert Support

Complex accounting and reporting processes require specialists who have the necessary technical expertise and technological infrastructure. Grow your business with the help of authorized independent third-party accounting companies that possess the essential qualifications determined by WorqCompany!

Doğru Hesaplar

Correct Account

Avoid common mistakes and make sure of the accuracy of your ledgers and statements, as WorqCompany manages your financial processes with smart algorithms to ensure that your transactions and bookkeeping are carried out correctly!