Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you with all services you may need for your business, such as founding and moving a company, tax consultancy, office solutions and digital business solutions.

If you have an idea and want to build a company from the ground up, or if you are considering changing your existing company’s type, official address and operations, we are here to help you in your endeavors.

You can subscribe to our office spaces as a company (limited, corporation, or sole proprietorship), a freelancer or individually. As part of a modern office sharing concept, we offer you Serviced Offices, open working spaces, event spaces, and meeting rooms.

Every business that has the potantial to grow is important to us. This is why all companies working with us become a part of the WorqCompany ecosystem. Information exchange with other members and a sense of community bring more benefits than just socializing.

You can make deferred payments with your credit card. For more information on further payment methods and personalized discounts, please fill out the request form .

Our aim is to be sure that the services in our packages provide for your needs in the most efficient way. Therefore you can personalize the services that are part of your package. For more information, please fill out the form.

Using WorqApp you can access the services for members, and using the WorqFinance application you can access digital finance information. When you subscribe to our platform you will have easy access to all our digital business solutions.

No, you will only pay the yearly fee. You don’t have to think about any further payments.

Yes, you can show your virtual office payments as expenses.

Yes, you can form your company by yourself. You can use all our services, from incorporation to development and office solutions, with a best price guarantee. Being able to access all the services you need from one single platform will ease and speed up your company’s development process.

If you haven’t decided what kind of company you are going to establish, you can fill out the contact form can read blog post on this subject.

Our accountant management services are being performed through third party independent accounting companies that we receive positive feedback about and quality-control. In short, the services can be named as process management and tax consultancy. The digital reporting infrastructure we use for process management is carried out through WorqFinance. We offer swift and digital communication between you and the accounting firms that use our platform.

We present you the financial reports from your accountant with supporting graphs on our web based WorqFinance app. This way, you will be able to track your financial situation periodically.