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What is Impact Investment? What Are We Doing As WorqCompany?

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Impact investment is an investment model that measurably contributes to social and environmental improvements, in addition to investments made by companies financial improvement. In today’s world where sustainability and environmental benefits are becoming more and more important, it encourages the consideration of social and environmental benefits, not just profit calculations, while planning investments.

With the ever-increasing competition, impact investing is a filter that enables investments to be one step ahead in the investment process.. The impact investment model initially emerged with the Sustainable Development Goals published by the United Nations in 2015. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, is a chain of 17 goals expected to be achieved by 2030.


     WorqCompany demonstrates the importance it attaches to impact investing in many ways. WorqCompany supports impact investing by taking many steps of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. As WorqCompany, we are proud to say that we are actively working towards the goals of Gender Equality, Reducing Inequalities, Decent Work and Economic Growth.  Additionally, we are currently working to produce new projects.


  •  According to startups.watch, while women’s companies currently make up 26% of all the companies we serve, in Turkey this percentage has remained at 14% overall.
  • According to startups.watch data, the ratio of female entrepreneurs to male entrepreneurs in Turkey is approximately 1%, while the ratio within WorqCompany is 25%.


Furthermore, as WorqCompany we offered a project with a monthly quota of 50 TL to 100 people in order to facilitate the company establishment process for women. We will always support and continue to walk together with women entrepreneurs. Our target for 2022 is to increase the percentage of women entrepreneurs we serve to 30%.


Decent Work and Economic Growth is another Sustainable Development Goal that WorqCompany focuses on. We believe that the economy can grow by taking advantage of innovative and fair business models, technology, and the latest developments. For this reason, we continue to develop reputable business models.


When we examine companies by income or investment, the Q3/Q2 growth rate of companies established at WorqCompany is 25%, while this rate is 11% in Turkey.


Comparing the growth rate of SMEs in Turkey according to their one-year income and the Q3/Q2 ratio of WorqCompany companies in 2021, WorqCompany has a rate of 25%, while the growth rate of SMEs has been announced as 16%.


This summarizes the WorqCompany Impact Investment 2021 Report. WorqCompany will continue its impact investing-focused activities in 2022!


You can find the full report here.


You can also find the Turkish version of this report at this link

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