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What is Virtual Office?

Sanal Ofis Nedir?
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In recent years, many companies, from entrepreneurs to corporate companies, have started to use virtual offices in order to save on addresses and other expenses. Virtual offices are preferred more, especially in order to reduce the costs during the company establishment process. Virtual office is also a trend among those who run their business online without having to use an office every day.

Virtual Office

What is virtual office? In short, when you own a virtual office, you do not use it in real life, but it provides you the address and the facilities that are necessary to establish a company. In this way, you will get rid of the high costs of cleaning, rent, maintenance-repair of offices and have a prestigious address that you can present to your customers, where your mail and cargo are met with our cargo service.

Is Virtual Office Legal?

Today, when you establish a company the first requirement is the address. You can officially prove the ownership of an address with documents such as a rental contract, etc. This required document is legally available in virtual office rentals. Likewise, according to our relevant laws, more than one company can be established at the same address, hence this makes the virtual office method legal.

The main reason for the address requirement is the invoicing. When you sell a service or product, it is mandatory to create an invoice for it. It is obligatory to include information such as name, title, tax, and address information on this invoice.

By using a virtual office, you can fulfill these legal obligations. In other words, choosing your address between a physical workplace, a home office, or a virtual office depends on your initiative and the needs of your business.

What Are the Advantages of Virtual Office?

One of the biggest advantages of the virtual office is the absence of stoppage tax and this is an important financial advantage. If you want to show your house or a workplace as a physical address while establishing your company, you have to deduct some of the rent you pay as tax and pay it to the state. However, if you own a virtual office, you do not have such an obligation, since the lessor pays its own tax.

Another advantage is the postal service. The virtual office’s staff will receive the official documents coming on your behalf and then they will inform you In other words, you can use your virtual office address as a real physical address for postal service.

One of the advantages of the virtual office is that you can have a prestigious address at a very reasonable price in a neighborhood that can be quite expensive if the place is rented physically. This will put you one step ahead of your competitors in your relations with your customers and suppliers.

If we list these advantages one by one;

  • our phone calls, posts, and deliveries are received by office representatives,
  • Especially, if you use a prestigious address as a virtual office, you can create a superior image in the eyes of your customers,
  • You will save a significant amount on initial company establishment costs,
  • You will not have to deal with bills such as electricity, natural gas, telephone, water, and internet,
  • You don’t have to hire staff just so the office can stay open,
  • You do not have to deal with the common problems of the building where your office is located.

Does Your Tax Office Change When You Use a Virtual Office?

When you want to change the physical address of your company into a virtual office address, if the virtual office address and your physical address are in the same tax office area, the tax office will not change. But if you want to move your address to a different area from your initial tax office, whether physically or virtually, your tax office will change as well.

Is There Any Stoppage Tax For The Virtual Offices?

As we mentioned above, virtual office rentals are not subject to stoppage tax because they are rented by a company with an invoice.

Is Virtual Office Establishment Different for Different Company Types?

Today, all kinds of companies, i.e. both sole proprietorships, limited companies, and incorporated companies can use virtual offices as their addresses Virtual offices can appear as company headquarters and if necessary, physical addresses such as branches or warehouses can be linked to these virtual offices.

How is Tax Inspection Performed in Virtual Offices?

The purpose of the tax inspection is to determine if the person applying for the company establishment really has a connection with the relevant address. When you have a virtual office, tax inspection officers come to the relevant virtual office address after the application of the company establishment.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Virtual Office?

One of the most important aspects of virtual offices is having a prestigious address. Therefore, a virtual office located in suburbs or in places such as off-grade business centers or office blocks will not provide you the prestige you expect for.

Virtual offices are beneficial not only for providing a legal address, but also for all the other advantages mentioned above. You must ensure that these services are provided correctly. ou must pay extra attention to services such as if your deliveries are kept until you receive them and if your phone calls are answered.

Who Uses Virtual Offices The Most?

Virtual offices are primarily preferred by those who want to reduce their costs during company establishment process. Especially people who want to subtract furniture costs from company establishment expenses rent a virtual office. Also, the concept of virtual office is gaining popularity these days for every type of company, including self-employed entrepreneurs, flexible workers, those who run their business online rather than in the office environment. Of course, another reason for this trend is digitalization. Thanks to digitalization, many business lines have become remotely manageable. In this way, virtual office started to be preferred more frequently in company establishments.

Prestigious locations have an important place in your trust relationships with your customers. As WorqCompany, we give you the opportunity to show Akasya AVM, a prestigious location in Istanbul, as your company address, with our virtual office service. You also get the opportunity to expand your network with WorqCompany’s virtual offices. Moreover, you can do this by reducing your costs.

Virtual Office Service of WorqCompany

The virtual office service, which you can get from WorqCompany for a very affordable price of 199 TL per month, offers you other advantages as well. Legal notification address, mail welcome services, 20% discount on meeting room usage, events and discounted training are just some of the reasons why you should choose WorqCompany’s virtual office service.

You can create your company address at very affordable prices in one of the most prestigious locations in Istanbul without paying withholding tax. You can also leave a strong first impression on your customers with your address that appears in a prestigious location such as Akasya AVM. Another advantage our virtual offices offer is security. By not showing your work address as your home address, you can prevent your home address from becoming publicly known.

Thanks to our virtual office, you can become a part of the rapidly developing WorqCompany community and quickly start to benefit from the advantages of a ready network. You can benefit from our expert consultants and professional support team free of charge. We also offer you the convenience of starting your virtual office membership from wherever you want, by signing a monthly contract according to your preference and completing the necessary paperwork processes with a courier.