Business Process Solutions

WorqCompany supports your business via accounting management structure, payroll, tax and legal support, company and structural support of the management, marketing management and sharing economy based other services.


Financial Reporting and Accounting Advisory Services

While we provide you a financial reporting on WorqFinance application, through outsourced services, we provide efficient and cost effective reach to bookkeeping and tax filing services given by authorized accountants.


Financial Dashboard and Checkup

We provide continuous financial health check on your company's operations. We strive to provide early recommendations on your working capital needs and revenue vs tax implications.


Company Establishment Services

Once you decide to setup your own business, our experts and business partners provide your first company address, phone, company setup and registration, e-invoice integration, financial reporting and health check software. We help you to set up your digital company. We offer solutions that will minimize your total costs.


Payroll and Reporting Services

We are providing services such as; payroll preparation or control, deductions associated with payroll for the payment of salaries, preparation of Monthly SSI statement, calculation of severance and termination indemnities and making the legal notification of the staff recruits and leaving work.


Tax Services

Complex and difficult legislation and practices to may lead you to pay unnecessary taxes and fines. We provide you counseling on preventing fines and benefiting from deductions and exemptions with our expert tax advisors.


Legal Consultancy Services

Carrying out your business activites in a proper legal framework would mitigate several risks that may arise from employing staff, buying and selling of goods and services, payments and like. We help with our legal advisors to run your operations under legislations.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Today, the most important element of competition is differentiation through innovation and serving that innovation to your customers. With the help of WorqCompany, you can enhance your innovation and entreprenurship processes, deploy that as a culture and differentiation among your team.


Business Development Consultancy

We offer you our guidance with our mentors and consultants for expansion in new sectors and geographies for new customer acquisition and new investments.


PR and Campaign Management

You can benefit from several digital marketing services which includes social media management, creative works, social media development and also preparation of other type of marketing materials, in a systematic and economic way.


WorqFinance application analyses your company's financial health constantly, monitors possible risks that you may experience in your expenses, payment balance and cash flow and lets you to take precautions. You can provide your expenses to your accountant through our platform which creates a fast and reliable operation. We provide your historical financials and tax filings in a repository which allows you to use it for your needs like presenting those to a bank for a credit application.

  • Up-to-date financial reports.
  • Expense and document sharing with your accountant.
  • Balace sheets and income statements.
  • Financial declaration sharing with your accountant.
  • Financial health & stability reports.
  • Tax calendar and reminders.
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