Digital Solutions

As a WorqCompany member, you will have an access to applications which you can manage your financial and business operations and also can plan your office use and manage your membership.

WorqApp Application

WorqApp provides membership management, booking meeting room reservations, access to events and training agenda and becomes the single access point for the business applications we serve to your use.

  • Membership management.
  • Booking meeting rooms.
  • Access to WQ community.
  • Printer and lock informations.
  • Past transactions.
  • Ability to invite your team.

WorqFinance Application

WorqFinance application analyses your company's financial health constantly, monitors possible risks that you may experience in your expenses, payment balance and cash flow and lets you to take precautions. You can provide your expenses to your accountant through our platform which creates a fast and reliable operation. We provide your historical financials and tax filings in a repository which allows you to use it for your needs like presenting those to a bank for a credit application.

  • Up-to-date financial reports.
  • Expense and document sharing with your accountant.
  • Balace sheets and income statements.
  • Financial declaration sharing with your accountant.
  • Financial health & stability reports.
  • Tax calendar and reminders.

Bookkeeping Services

We provide you a bookkeeping software for your reporting and monitoring operations, to control and manage your financial operations on a daily basis.

  • Manage your sales and purchase documents and transactions.
  • Manage your customers and suppliers.
  • Take you company's expenses under control.
  • Manage your cash and bank accounts with ease.
  • Reminders and notifications for your payments so you'll never miss anything.

Customer Relationship Management, “CRM”

We provide you a basic CRM software to manage your customer relationship through forms and reports designed for operational processes.

  • Customer and visitor records.
  • Proposal, order and sales transactions.
  • Price list, automatic proposal calculation, generating PDFs.
  • Contract tracking, recurring renewal processes.
  • Project management.
  • Give access to your resellers, branches and customers.
  • SMS notifications for your customers.
  • Ticket embed form for your website.
  • Customer balance and transactions.
  • Integration w/ Logo, Eta, Mikro, Netsis, Paraşüt.
  • IP phone and call center integration.